CRRA Ratepayers & Residents Association

Corinella Ratepayers & Residents Association Inc 

For Corinella Progress and Improvement ! 

You are Invited be Part of the CRRA,  where you can provide your valuable input into Corinella and help to Positively Shape our Towns Future !

Membership is just $10 per year per household, Meetings are held regularly at the local Community Centre on Smythe Street
and are friendly and very informative.

As a Resident and Ratepayer your views are very Important and its a great way to meet your neighbors!

CRRA President :    Wayne Maschette Ph 0456  777  707

CRRA Secretary :     David Laing                 Ph 5678 0693

Postal Addresss  :     To The Secretary CRRA,  Care of Corinella Post Office, Corinella Victoria 3984

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