CRRA Ratepayers & Residents Association

Corinella Ratepayers & Residents Association Inc 

For Corinella Progress and Improvement ! 

You are Invited be Part of the CRRA,  where you can provide your valuable input into Corinella and help to Positively Shape our Towns Future !

Membership is just $10 per year per household, Meetings are held regularly at the local Community Centre on Smythe Street
and are friendly and very informative.

As a Resident and Ratepayer your views are very Important and its a great way to meet your neighbors!

CRRA President :    Wayne Maschette Ph 0456  777  707

CRRA Secretary :     David Laing                 Ph 5678 0693

Postal Addresss  :     To The Secretary CRRA,  Care of Corinella Post Office, Corinella Victoria 3984

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CRRA  General Meeting Timetable for 2019

Proposed General Meeting Timetable 2019: 
Saturday June 1st,  Saturday Aug 3rd (AGM)

Saturday Oct 5th,   Saturday Dec 7th. 

Held : Corinella Community Centre

CRRA Meeting Minutes

You Can View The Last CRRA Meeting Minutes in Draft Form ( For April 6th 2019  ) 

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April 2019 CRRA GM Minutes

Strategic Planning for Corinella,  Bass Coast Shire

Council Presentation Pdf Of Strategic Planning for Corinella
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Corinella Strategic Planning Doc June 2017 Pdf

CRRA Rules

You can view the rules of the CRRA Here,  Click Below

NOTE :  New Rules are being proposed for 2019 and will be dispayed here after they are finalised and endorced.

Corinella CRRA Rules

Corinella Strategic Township Plan

Corinella Township Plan

Corinella Plan, dated 5th May 2013 Final (Amended Version 02/08/2014)

This Corinella Plan was adopted by the CRRA at its meeting on 4th May 2013.
The CRRA is the sponsoring body for the preparation of the Corinella Plan on behalf of the Corinella community.

Corinella Ratepayers & Residents Association ( CRRA )
Have formally released the finalised Corinella Strategic Township Plan

The Plan seeks to show our communities hopes and its vision for the direction Corinella township should take,
it highlights what is great about being a Corinella Resident and how Corinella can continue to grow and
improve in an orderly sustainable way without losing the character of our beautiful home, it also sets out
some clear guidelines that meet the Corinella Communities expectations.

You Can DOWNLOAD a Pdf Copy of the Finalised 2013 Plan by clicking on the link below.

*you will need Adobe Reader to open this file

The process in designing and building the plan has been ongoing for several years now but finally a draft plan
was ready to proceed for community endorsement in early 2013, the steps taken to release the finalised plan
in 2013 are as below

Presentation of a draft to the CRRA meeting on 2nd February 2013

· Public consultation process between 2nd February and 31st March

. Invitation to Council to comment and support the draft Plan

· Receipt and incorporation of public and Council feedback during April

· Unanimous support of the updated draft from CRRA Committee on 20th April

· Committee's recommendation for Plan to be adopted by CRRA at next meeting, then formal lodgement with Council.

This is a strategic town plan for the community of Corinella which defines the town's
character, describes its place in history, outlines its contemporary aspect,
demographics and activity, records some of its values, and offers guidelines and
priorities for future development consistent with responsible development and
statutory planning principles for the Bass Coast region.

Corinella Community Township Plan