Public Transport Service Information For Corinella

Corinella V/Line Coach, Bus And Township Link Service Buses

V/Line Coach Services operate and picks up and drops off passengers to and from Corinella at selected pick up points.

Currently this is from the two Coach/Bus stops on the corner of Corinella Road and Bass Highway Corinella,
there is Car parking here to leave your vehicle also a Shelter with Seat while you wait for your Coach.
If you are heading South, the pick up point is just opposite on the South bound side of the highway.

If you cannot drive yourself to the Coach pick up point at Corinella/Bass hwy, You can use the local Waterline Link
Service bus.

This bus is a regular Link Service that is programmed to pick passengers up from Corinella and drop them
off at the V/Line Coach pick up point at Corinella/Bass hwy In time to Connect with The V/Line Coach for
either the Northern or Southerly Destinations.

You can also use this Link Bus to take you to other nearby local townships for shopping or to collect the
V/Line Coach from some of those townships.

The Local Link Service Bus collects passengers from pick up points in the Corinella township,

These are :

The Corner of Esplanade and Albon Streets, And just outside the Corinella Public Hall on Smythe Street
Also another bus stop pick up point further out of the township at the corner of Guy and Argent
road Corinella.

There is shelter from the weather at the bus stop outside the Public Hall and at Guy/Argent Rd.

Timetable Booklets are available to collect at the Corinella General Store and Corinella Community Centre.

If you have any queries regarding timetables please contact the V/Line Feedback Hotline on 1800 800 120
or you can visit the V/Line website at Click Here for Vline w/site

More town Link and feeder services information can also be found at Public Transport Victoria

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Local Link Connector Bus 

Route Description
To Grantville

Departs from the terminus on Champs Elysees Esp and runs via Champs Elysees Esp, Cutty Sark Rd, Gellibrand St, Norsemens Rd, Agar Rd, Corinella Rd, Jamieson St, Cuthbert St, Balcombe St, Smythe St, Peters St, The Esplanade, Hamilton St and Smythe St to the Corinella Public Hall; then via Smythe St and Guy Rd to Tenby Point; then via Argent Rd, Corinella Rd and Bass Hwy to the terminus at the Vline stop on Bass Hwy near the corner of Pier Rd, Grantville.

To Corinella  and  Coronet Bay

Departs from the terminus at the Vline stop on Bass Hwy near the corner of Pier Rd, Grantville, and runs via Bass Hwy, Corinella Rd and Argent Rd to Tenby Point; then via Guy Rd, Smythe St, Peters St, The Esplanade, Hamilton St and Smythe St to the Corinella Public Hall; then via Smythe St, Jamieson St, Corinella Rd, Agars Rd, Norsemens Rd, Gellibrand St, Cutty Sark Rd, Champs Elysees Esp, Kowloon Cr and Champs Elysees Esp to the terminus in Champs Elysees Esp at the corner of Cutty Sark Rd, Coronet Bay (opposite the general store).

Operator Details
Westernport Roadlines

Contact Westernport Roadlines: 5997 2211

TAXI Services

A Taxi service is available in Corinella and is operated by very experienced drivers who know all the in's
and outs of all of the town and district and probably even places we never new existed!

Contact Bass Valley Taxi on (03) 5678 0123

Contact South Gippsland Regional Taxi on 5662 4242
between Monday to Friday you can Call Bob Austin on 0437 625 600

Contact San Remo Taxi on (03) 5952 2200

French Island / Corinella Ferry, Car Barge

The French Island Ferry Barge Operates Daily Between Corinella and French Island.

You Can by Prior Booking, Take a trip across to French Island as a walk on Passenger,
or with your Car, Caravan, Bicycle or other Vehicle .

A minimum 24 hours notice is required for bookings.
The barge accommodates two standard size cars or a large truck.

Foot passengers can take the barge but they need to arrange transportation at either end
as there are no other facilities (see transport options below)

There are several tourist attractions, and B & B's to stay at on French Island,
you can park your car at Corinella foreshore car park for day trips, or take it along with you *

* (Request advice from the barge or tourist operator as to the suitability of your vehicle and plan ahead)

The French Island Corinella Ferry Barge arrives at its own Ramp Terminal Just 100 meters to the Left of
The Corinella Jetty / Pier from end of Peters street Corinella

For information about fees and to pre book the ferry barge, Contact :

Spirit Of French Island  Pty Ltd

Ron & Sandra Easy

Mobile 0428 880 729

or Ah (03) 5980 1273

EMAIL  Spirit Of French Island 

Transport Within French Island

Lois Airs is available to transport people around French Island for any of your needs,

including Tours or inspection of properties for sale or other,

Contact Lois on 03 5980 1241